SmartCon Developer is a track within the broader Smart Contract Summit focused exclusively on Blockchain and Smart Contract developers.

SmartCon Developer happened on August 6th, 2021 starting at 9:00AM EDT. We had amazing speakers from around the globe talking about the biggest topics relevant to developers in our industry. Developers heard updates from Etherscan, Alchemy, Web3.JS, and much more.

Developer Track Schedule

This is the developer track schedule. See the full event site.

9:00 AM EDTDeveloper WelcomeStephen Fluin
9:20 AM EDTWhat's New in ChainlinkPatrick Collins, Melodi Kaya
10:00 AM EDTWhat's New in AlchemyElan Halpern
10:20 AM EDTWhat’s New in TruffleNick D'Andrea
10:40 AM EDTQ&A with Speakers
11:00 AM EDTWhat's New in Waffle/useDAppMarek Kirejczyk
11:20 AM EDTTop 5 Tips for Smart Contract ProductivityPatrick Collins
11:40 AM EDTWhat's New in EtherscanHarith Kumarul, Chee Chyuan
12:00 PM EDTQ&A with Speakers
12:20 PM EDTWhat's New In scaffold-ethAustin Griffith
12:40 PM EDTUnderstanding OpenZeppelin Contracts, Defender, and WizardAlexander Behrens
1:00 PM EDTHitchhikers Guide to the EVMAlex Roan
1:20 PM EDTQ&A with Speakers
1:40 PM EDTBuilding Secure Smart ContractsHarry Papacharissiou
2:00 PM EDTPortable Identities as a Gateway to a More Open WorldAlessandro Perico, Milena Monova
2:20 PM EDTHow to Become a Smart Contract DeveloperZak Ayesh
2:40 PM EDTQ&A with Speakers
3:00 PM EDTNext-Gen Governance: How to get there?Kaue Cano
3:20 PM EDTWhat's New in Web3.JSGregory Markou, Wyatt Barnes
3:40 PM EDTQ&A with Speakers
4:00 PM EDTSmart Contract Developer Speedrun
4:30 PM EDTSmartCon Developer Closing Ceremony]